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4 sacred geometry hoodies you can’t afford to ignore

Sacred geometry hoodies are among the best in the wide variety of modern styles. By drawing patterns from geometric artistry and combining a range of style combinations, they bring more sophistication and flair. These hoodies can also draw our attention to something greater than fashion. In fact, it’s hard to ignore that some of them represent things that we like, such as good music, evolution of the soul, and the beauty of art. This post introduces you to four great choices of sacred geometry hoodies you can’t afford to overlook. Not only are they amply refined, but also stylish and excellent.

Flower Mandala Unisex Sacred Geometry Hoodie

Unisex Sacred Geometry Hoodie

The Flower Mandala hoodie combines sacred geometry with the value of durable zipper, quality material, and a vivid design to give you a blend pf comfort and style. The colorful patterns are deposited by use of high-definition sublimation printing which ensures that the front, back, sleeves, and hood are all filled with brilliant geometric arrays. With this sacred geometry hoodie, you can zip up and zip down all day long without experiencing snags and breaks. What is more, each hoodie is hand-finished to certify that every graphic is aligned and perfectly blended with a creamy touch.

LOTUS Sacred Geometry hoodies

Sacred Geometry hoodies

The LOTUS sacred geometry hoodie draws inspiration from the almighty Lotus flower, a symbol of awakening, awareness and purity. It’s plenty warm and less husky which makes it perfect if you are looking to keep it less solid with the geometry and sophistication. Wear it to brighten your summer days or when you want to slip on something cheerful and less complicated.

Platonic Solids, Sacred Geometry, Mathematics Hoodies

Mathematics Hoodies

Sacred geometry doesn’t have to be full of twists and turns, and Platonic Solid hoodies prove just that. Instead of knotty patterns, they consist of simple regular convex polyhedrons with polygonal shapes. These sacred geometry hoodies add an unusual taste of geometry that’s not too hard and thorny while maintaining the taste of a modern-looking hoodie.

Dream-state Unisex Zip-Up Hoodies

Unisex Zip-Up Hoodies

Another richly sophisticated sacred geometry hoodie, the Dream-State Zip-up design comes with a durable zipper, a bright design, quality fabric, and comfort. Just like the The Flower Mandala hoodie, it combines graphically-aligned symmetrical forms that cover the back, front, sleeves, and hood, though with a different pattern of shapes. It also merges flower forms and dots to add taste and exclusivity. The Dream-state sacred geometry hoodie is undeniable if you are looking for stylishness and glare.

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