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Two Vivid Edm Graphic Tee Designs That Will Jazz Up Your Summer Days

If you want to add zing to your next EDM rave moment, graphic tees are a terrific choice. They come in all sorts of colors, styles, and appearances, allowing you to choose from a plethora of possibilities. You can select based on a range of artistic inspirations stretching from vintage art, photography, pop culture, geometry, to everyday observations, or choose a custom design that goes well with your personality. Else, you can explore a blend of colors and pick the most charming motif.

The options are endless. In fact, the diversity of EDM graphic tees makes them a fitting replacement for the common classic printed T-shirts. So, why not try one? In this post, we present two stunning designs that’ll blow the mind of anyone who’s charmed by color and glare.

The Acid Trip Graphic Tee

The acid trip graphic tee is designed to mimic the impression of a digital building with its vortex of colors and patterns. The design draws all attention to its center from which patterns of color begin and stretch outward loop by loop until you are left with a view that’s nothing short of scenic. It’s hard to ignore the rich colors along with how well they are aligned and blended to create a virtually realistic effect.

Acid Trip Graphic Tee

What is more, with this EDM graphic tee, it’s not all about the beauty. You will have more goodies to take with, including a 100% Premium Quality Poly-Fleece Fabric that’s resistant to wrinkles and fade, full front and back wrap, and comfortable fit. Not to forget, both men and women are catered for. Sport one of these in your spring or summer days, or when attending an EDM festival and you’ll definitely feel a new lease of life.

The Virtual Building Graphic Tee

Another excellent choice among the wide range of EDM graphic tees, this design is equally sophisticated as The Acid Trip Graphic Tee; only that it adds an emerald theme and vector-like patterns. The evenness of the color scheme is located at the chest where a bright enflamed shape captures our interest.

Virtual Building Graphic Tee

This EDM graphic tee is bound to charm especially with how the ordered shapes and the color drips at the bottom create the illusion of realism. Given that this is a handmade design, you can expect unsurpassed quality, comfort, and style. There’s no doubt that the Virtual Building Graphic Tee will spice up your rave moments and incite conversation.


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